WATT DRIVE Agitator Drives

Agitator and extruder drives – reliability that meets the highest demands.

The agitaor drives are part of the modular gear system in the MAS® program.

Aim of development was maximum sealing protection and a long storage product life while at the same time providing extremely reliable radial and/or axial power.

What resulted from these guidelines were gear units that alongside these requirements offer these further optional features:

  • Rust-protected brakes
  • Greater corrosion protection (special coating for increased atmospheric conditions)
  • A variety of motor options (auxiliary heating system, …)
  • Niro nameplates
  • Oil inspection glass
  • If necessary, special lubricant
  • High pressure ventilation valve
  • Oil level sensor


The agitator drives are available in the following models:

  • Shaft mounted geared motors AR.
    Power: 0.12 – 30kW
    Torque: 400 – 2,800Nm
  • Parallel shaft geared motors FR.
    Power: 0.18 – 55kW
    Torque: 5,000 – 14,000Nm
  • Helical bevel geared motors KR.
    Power: 0.12 – 55kW
    Torque: 1,000 – 14,000Nm

Technical Data

Output option: output shaft, hollow shaft, hollow shaft with shrink disc