WATT DRIVE Worm Geared Motors

Worm geared motors for small power range.

The WATT small worm gear unit adapt themselves concerning UNIBLOCK® design optimally in the MAS® geared motor program. The units have on all sides different fixing possibilities and enable an easy assembling for the customer.

Other drive configuration scan be designed by use of built-on accessories (e.g. torque arm and output flanges). The housings are made in light weight construction out of aluminium die cast. Motor attachment is realised in general by means of IEC adapter B5 or B14A.

Technical Data

  • Number of sizes: 5
  • Power Range: 0.12 – 2.2kW
  • Output torque range: 17 – 230Nm
  • Ratio: 5 – 100
  • Output option: output shaft, output shaft on both sides, hollow shaft, hollow shaft with shrink disc
  • Assembly/mounting: uniblock, flange, torque arm