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OIL – MVE-SS Stainless Steel

The MVE-SS electric vibrating motors are equipped with an AISI 316 body, with a “”fluid”” design and are specifically designed for applications in the food & chemicals sector.
They consist of an electric motor housed in a robust Stainless Steel body designed by FMEA, with eccentric weights mounted on both ends of the shaft; available in 2, 4, 6 and 8 poles with different voltages, they are suitable for use with inverters (variable frequency drives) and have a centrifugal force ranging from 200 to 500 kg, adjustable on each individual model.


Vibrating conveyors for frozen food and fruit / vegetable washing, fluid beds for drying grains and / or powders, trabatti for pasta, vibrating screens for classification according to size, etc.
The MVE-SS stainless steel external electric vibrators can be used as flow aids, on container activators to improve material discharge and as drives on vibrating machines for various purposes such as transport, sieving, sizing, mainly in the processing industry food, such as chemical waste or pharmaceutical industry.

When the MVE-SS is turned on, a sinusoidal centrifugal force is provided by rotating the eccentric weights. With a single MVE mounted on a vibrating machine a rotating force is provided which causes a circular movement of the machine. Two MVE-SS mounted in parallel on the same machine provide a linear force which determines a linear movement of the machine. The requirement for circular or linear movement depends on the application.


  • Centrifugal force: 105 ~ 500 kg
  • Windings with vacuum impregnation
  • Class F insulating materials
  • High quality bearings Robust housing designed by FMEA
  • Body in AISI 316 with mass covers in AISI 304


  • Corrosion resistant specially developed for food applications
  • Regular shape that improves the sanitization of the equipment by avoiding residues of products, detergents and microorganisms
  • Resistant to water and humidity: exceptional resistance against water and humidity
  • Multiple voltages corresponding to electrical specifications worldwide


  • ATEX ExII3D and CRUUS Conform to UL1446 and CSA 22.2 No 0-10


  • 2, 4, 6, 8 three-phase poles


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