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International standards for motor efficiency
The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), in order to harmonize the energy consumption regulations aimed to reduce the CO2 emissions and the impact of industrial operations on the environment, has established the standard IEC 60034- 30:2008 which defines energy efficiency classes for single-speed, three-phase, 50Hz and 60Hz induction motors.

To that regard, the European Community (EC) has recently passed the regulation EC No 640/2009 which is essentially based on the IEC 60034-30 and requires all the EU countries to conform themselves to the new efficiency standards.

Electric motors account for about 70% of the electricity consumed by industry.
The potential cost saving of high efficiency systems is estimated 20% to 30% and one of the major factors in such cost-effective improvement is the use of energy efficient motors.

The IEC 60034-30 is part of an effort to unify motor testing standards, efficiency requirements and product labelling requirements to easily recognize worldwide high- efficiency products.

To show compliance with these new efficiency standards, motors must be tested in accordance with the new testing standard IEC 60034-2-1:2007.

The motor efficiency class and nominal motor efficiency must be stated on the motor nameplate and given in product documentation and motor catalogues.


International Standards For Motor Efficiency

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MARELLIMOTORI High Efficiency Motors – MAQ – BAQ Series