HANZEL 1E1/1E2/1E3 series

The 1E1/1E2/1E3 series of 3 phase asynchronous motors are Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) with IP55 environmental protection.These Motor type motors are designed and manufactured in accordance with IEC standards.

Standard Features

  • Frame material : Cast Iron & Aluminium
  • Terminal box material : Cast Iron & Aluminium
    Plastic cable entry is standard (Metallic cable entry is optional)
  • Standard colour : RAL 5010
  • Specific wound stators supporting multiple 3PH mains supply voltages at 50Hz or 60Hz
  • Aluminum Frame sizes : 63mm – 160mm
  • Cast Iron Frame sizes : 80mm – 355mm
  • Rated power range : 0.09kW 355kW at 50Hz
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Bearing Type

Electrical  Design

Frequent Malfunctions And Solutions

1E1 Performance Data

1E1 Performance Data

Hanzel Electric Motor – 1E2

1E2 Performance Data

Hanzel Electric Motor – 1E3

Hanzel Electric Motor – 1E3

Dimensions Mount B3

Dimensions Mount B35


HANZEL 1E1/1E2/1E3 series
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