CHENTA Worm Gear Reducers

Features of Worm Gear Reducers:

  • Motor Flange: both IEC and NEMA flanges are available
  • Range of Ratio: 5:1 ~3600:1
  • Reduced Backlash Designs are available for Chenta Worm Gear Reducers.
  • Range of Horse Power: 1/4HP ~ 100HP
  • Oil Seals: premium quality double lips oil seals
  • Worm shaft:
    under size 300- in medium carbon steel (S45C) with harden heat-treatment and threads grounded
    Size 300 to up- in Chromium Molybdenum Alloy Steel (SCM440) with high frequency heat-treatment and threads grounded
  • Worm Wheel: In Aluminium Bronze (ALBC3) with the most durable feature
  • Housing:
    Under size 300- in Grey Iron (FC20) with higher strength
    Size 300 to up- in Ductile Cast Iron (FCD45) with first-rate intensity
  • Removable bases for universal mounting
  • Enduring service life
  • One year limited warranty
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Numbering Systems for Worm Gear Reducers:

Model Guide


CHENTA Worm Gear Reducers
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