OIL – MVE-SV Screen Vibrators

The MVE-SV are “long” electric vibrators, with foot fixing on the ends of the body. They are available in 4-pole version with different voltages, suitable for use with inverters (variable frequency drive) and centrifugal force variable from 3,500 to 8,000 kg, adjustable on each individual model.


The MVE-SV are ideal for application on dryer vibrating screens and medium-sized vibrating machines.


  • Centrifugal force: 3,500 – 8,000 kg; 4 poles from 220 to 575V
  • Lifetime greasing = Zero maintenance.
  • Windings impregnated under vacuum – with class F insulating materials
  • Optimized design and components for demanding applications.


  • The MVE-SV are driven directly on the walls of the vibrating machine, without the use of the support beam commonly used for the assembly of traditional foot vibrators. This allows an important time saving and simplification of the fabrication.
  • Excellent centrifugal force / size ratio for installation on low profile machines.
  • Different supply voltages for global use


  • ATEX Ex II2 D and ETL, Class II, Division 2 – Standard Range
  • ATEX Ex II2 D, ATEX Ex II2GD and Class II, Division 1 certification for hazardous environments in the presence of flammable dusts or gases – Explosion Proof Range


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