OLI – VBS – Vibro Aerators For Silos And Hoppers

The range of VBS vibro-aerators is the result of years of research and development that have led to the creation of a unique and immediately recognizable product, thanks to the patented Tramontana® membrane technology. VBS concentrates the air flow more towards the outlet of the silo, considerably speeding up the discharge of the material and, therefore, reducing the unloading times and improving the productivity of the plants.

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VBS vibro- aerators prevent material under pressure, stored in silos or hoppers, to create bridges or rat holes during unloading. Furthermore, the Tramontana membrane technology significantly reduces discharge times, improving the efficiency of the entire system.
Depending on the type of dust, the environment and the temperature, the VBS product series can satisfy every need.
Mainly recommended for the treatment of powders such as flour, starches, lime, cement, dry chemicals and plastic resins.


The optimization of the air flow generated by the VBS allows to work at a lower operating pressure, with a consequent reduction of air consumption.
The VBS range is completed by the VBS-Mini series, suitable for both indoor and indoor use.
Thanks to the wide range of supported working pressures, VBS can easily replace plates and fluidization nozzles commonly used in the system.


  • Lower operating pressure compared to other solutions, with consequent reduced air consumption for the same efficiency.
  • Complete product range and interchangeable with other brands of aerators.
  • Quick installation.


  • External rectangular mounting kit for VBS
  • External mounting kit for VBS-Mini
  • Red membrane, suitable for high temperatures (max 235 ° C), both for VBS and VBS-Mini
  • Blue membrane, detectable through metal detector, for both VBS and VBS-Mini
  • Optional stainless steel shaft for white membrane (it’s standard for the versions for high temperatures and metal detectable)


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