LS General Drive G100

Control Method:  V/F, Slip Compensation, Sensorless Vector Frequency Setting
Frequency Setting Resolution:
• Digital command: 0.01Hz
• Analog command: 0.06Hz(maximum frequency: 60 Hz)
Frequency Accuracy: 1% of the maximum output frequency
V/F Pattern: Linear, squared, user V/F
Overload Capacity: HD: 150% 1 minute, ND: 120% 1minute
Torque Boost: Manual/Automatic torque boost

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1. Enhanced Reliability

Built-in EMC Filter


Reinforced Material Design


MIL217PLUS based Design


UL 61800-5-1 Design


2. High Performance
Application Adaptability


Enhanced V/F Performance


More Powerful Sensorless Control function


3. User Convenience

Built-in Potentiometer


DIN rail Mountable (below 4kW)


Output 2 Relays


Quick Parameter Setting Group


Various Communication Options


Easy to connect to Peripherals (SMART Copier connection)


3-Phase 200V Class (0.4~7.5kW)

3-Phase 400V Class (0.4~7.5kW)