LS Inverter H100 Series

Innovative Energy Reduction:
The LSIS H100 drive solution is here for you.

The LSLV-H100 sets the standard for the drive industry. Environmentally- friendly water treatment and HVAC systems incorporate the outstanding energy-saving benefits of the LSLV-H100 for fans and pumps.

LSLV H100 Series Inverter (HVAC & Light Industrial)
3 Phase, 380~480V, 50-60Hz input / 0-400Hz output
Fan and Pump Load: 5.5kW ~ 90kW (7.5HP ~ 125HP)


  • Fans

Exhaust, Process, Smoke Spill, Cooling Tower, Humidity Control, Fresh Air and etc.

  • Pumps

Chill Water Pump, Condenser Water Pump, Process, Transfer Water, Water Treatment, Pressure Control, Cooling Water Pump and etc.

  • General

Air Handling Units, Blowers, Dryers and etc.

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LS Inverter H100 Series