OLI – I100 – Fluidization pads

The I100 fluidizing plates are installed directly in contact with the material stored in the silo and are able to blow air through a porous membrane, whose semi-convex shape guarantees a wide emission angle.
Low pressure aeration prevents possible product tendencies to form bridges, rat holes, lumps or deposits on the bottom of the cone.

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The I100 fluidization plates are suitable for fine, light and dry powders, ensuring the absence of flow troubles of material from silos and hoppers at low costs.
Multi-level applications fed continuously, are foreseen in the storage and dosage systems (for example for lime), where the fluidification is used not only during the extraction of material from the silo, but also to keep the material moving during long storage periods. For applications with food powders we recommend the use of VB vibro-aerators instead.


The I100 fluidizing plates work at an operating pressure of 0.2 bar (3 PSI) and guarantee high performance thanks to the technopolymer design, light and at the same time robust and reliable.


  • Self-cleaning and anti-clogging design
  • Reliable and durable
  • Easy to install


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