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PG air cannons prevents the formation of bridges and rat holes thanks to the high pressure air jet
which is blown inside the silos or hoppers on which it is installed. The air jet is parallel to the internal wall of the silo, in this way the materials with an irregular shape, dry and light, flow down without any accumulation.

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PG air canons are the ideal solution to the problem of bridges and rat-holes in silos and hoppers with irregularly shaped, dry and light materials such as fibers, flakes, shavings, wood chips, plastic shavings.


The PG have been designed to blast air jets parallel to the surfaces of silos and hoppers, up to a pressure of 6 bar (87 PSI) at regular intervals.
In the standard version, the air blast is activated thanks to the switching of a solenoid valve; a version with fully pneumatic activation is also available.
The external parts of the body are made of galvanized steel and aluminum and the robust design makes the PG air canons suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications..
The PG product series consists of 3 sizes.


  • Compact design with integrated valve
  • Operation adjustable according to operating pressure and blasting sequence
  • Zero impact on the welds and joints of the silo structure


The PG series is designed and built according to following regulations: EN 1127-1 – EN 12100-1 – EN 12100-2
and it’s conform to directive 2014/34 / EU according to category 3D, and to directive 2006/42 / EC


  • 24 V DC and AC multi-voltage coils up to 230 V (ATEX)
  • Single timer for air blast adjustment (minimum 30 sec)
  • Electronic control card to activate up to 15 Air cannons
  • Pneumatic activation kit


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