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The fluidization nozzles U025 and U060 facilitate the flow of material into silos and hoppers thanks to a constant injection of low pressure air.
They are a very economical solution and can be easily mounted from the outside on existing silos and hoppers.

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The fluidization nozzles U025 and U060 are used in silos and hoppers with very fine and dry powders.
They are not suitable for food use, where the application of VB series vibrator-aerators is recommended.


Fluidization nozzles U025 are used at operating pressures of 0.2 Bar (14 PSI), while U060 at 1 Bar (14 PSI).
Installation is very simple: the plastic insert with the sintered nozzle is supplied with a ring that has to be welded to the surface of the silo walls, which must have been previously drilled. Subsequently it will be necessary to connect to a compressed air supply line.
The installation from the outside makes the U025 / U060 particularly suitable for retro-fitting.


  • Easy installation, even on existing systems
  • Facilitated maintenance
  • Compact design
  • Operating temperature from -20 ° C to 80 ° C


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