OLI – F – Pneumatic Adjustable Piston Vibrators

The pneumatic vibrators of the F range generate linear vibration thanks to the movement of a floating piston.
To meet different application needs, the F series is available in various shapes, sizes and materials.
It is possible to apply additional masses to the piston in order to modify the frequency and force developed.

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Piston vibrators F – series represent an excellent alternative to magnetic vibrators for transport applications such as small channels or vibrating feeders.
They are suitable for applications in potentially explosive atmospheres.


The operating pressure of the floating piston vibrators F is between 2 and 6 Bar [29-87 PSI], while the operating temperature can reach 200 ° C [392 ° F].
They are available in different sizes, materials and shapes to meet the needs of various applications.


  • Low noise.
  • Amplitude and frequency adjustable through variation of operating pressure and additional masses.
  • Easy installation.


The pneumatic vibrators series F are designed and built according to the regulations in force:
UNI EN 13463-1 – EN 13463-5 – ISO 14121 – UNI EN 1127-1
In compliance with the directives – 2014/34 / UE – 2006/42 / CE
Certificates ATEX II 2D c Tx – II 2G c Tx for use in potentially explosive environments.


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