OLI – VBT – Vibro Aerators For Silotrailers

The range of VBT vibro-aerators is the result of years of research and development that have led to the creation of a unique and high-performance product. Thanks to the special Tramontana® membrane, the VBT concentrates the air flow towards the outlet of the cone, significantly speeding the disgharge of the material and, therefore, reducing the discharge times from silo trailers or tanks.

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Depending on the type of dust and the environmental conditions, VBTs can cover every need.
The entire range of VBT products is compatible with food products (certified for food use and compliant with the UL94 standard) and are made of a polymer that makes them suitable to operate in any environmental condition: from the hottest desert to the coldest lands.
Laboratory tests have shown great efficiency in terms of reducing discharge times, up to 20% less, depending on the type of bulk material.


The VBT product range significantly increases the unloading speed of the tanker trucks on which it is installed.
Thanks to the unique design, in fact, the VBTs direct the air jet more effectively, preventing the dust from blocking or forming bridges. An efficient flow aids system means greater profit because, in the same time, more batches can be unloaded.
Furthermore, VBTs can work with low pressure and a consequent reduction in air consumption.


  • Lower operating pressure and reduced air consumption
  • Unique design and wide series, to meet every need
  • Easy installation, even on existing systems


  • Hopper saver disc for highly abrasive materials


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